My name is Sharon Harris-Hill. I attended the Play with my 9yrs old Twin Granddaughters. We were there to support our Aunt, Mrs. Mary J. Dixon, who played the role of Mother Mabel. I feel Mrs. Dixon portrayed her character very efficiently. I talked with my Granddaughters about the play and they were able to grasp the concept of the storyline. All three of us enjoyed watching it. The characters, the humor, the seriousness of the reality held and kept our attention from beginning to end. We are looking forward to part 3 and the outcomes of each character. ” 

If These Walls Could Talk part 2"  was by far the best stage play I've seen yet! It was very funny, relatable, educational and gave lots of spiritual insight which was well balanced. I was surprised that the story line was so interesting and easy to follow. It made me reflect on some of the friends I have and some of the decisions I've made. You have to see it in order to understand what I mean. I walked away thinking about what could possibly happen next in part three of this trilogy. I'm so eager to see the next one! This is a must see! -Chris Jackson

The play was REALLY good and it was funny, too. I liked the message on domestic violence and the prayers Mother Mabel prayed. I heard the music in the play and bought one of the soundtracks. The signing in the play was good and the soundtrack was nice! It's the kind of soundtrack you can put in your car and just ride out! Good job the walls team!" Looking forward to part 3! JJ

“My husband and I attended the premier of this play on May 11th in Oakland, CA to support our friends Al and Danielle Green.  Well since the walls can't talk, let me tell you... If These Walls Could Talk #2 was nothing short of amazing!  Every actor in the play is worth a notable mention, but the characters that stood out most for me, were Brandon Baker (played by Al Green) and Ms. Thelma Jenkins  (played by Jacqueline Jackson-Foster).  I was blown away by their talent, especially since they are relatively new to the acting scene.  Al Green blew it out the water!  He delivered his lines with such passion and sang his behind off!  And Jacqueline played the perfect BFF with that infectious laugh.  


The production was full of love, laughter and faith and I'm so happy my husband and I were able to attend.  Ceola J. you gained two new fans with this one.