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Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 6:30 PM (PST)


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What's Happening



212 Vernon Place - The New TV Show

From the theater stage to the tv screen, CJ Productions, LLC has taken their stage play trilogy, If These Walls Could Talk and the famed Mother Mabel Blackstone, to a wider audience in their new tv show, 212 Vernon Place. Mother Mabel, Deacon Kingsley, nephew Brandon, funny Stanley, crazy LaTanya, bougie Sheila, unforgettable Thelma Jenkins, and that infectious laugh and the entire gang are all back! You can expect Mother Mabel to continue sharing wisdom and praying for everyone, and of course, her banana nut bread, her tea, and her Bible are all ready to be shred in 212 Vernon Place. 212 Vernon Place is a ministry-made, prayer-packed, real-life relatable experience and will have you laughing, crying, and anticipating what's to come next.



Finding Her Voice - The Stage Play


CJ Productions, LLC is excited to announce the new stage play production, Finding Her Voice! The new production will stream on Broadway on Demand on Saturday, August 21st, 2021 at 6:30 PM (PST). Ceola J. says, "I am excited about the new production. The possibility of reaching a new audience to whom we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is, otherwise limited, is an amazing opportunity. The idea of streaming our production this time around is such a blessing. This production will feature some crossover from our last two-stage play productions and will also have you sitting on the edge of your seat." Finding Her Voice will feature all new and original music and is expected to be as their previous productions, prayer-packed, ministry-made, and real-life relatable.


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Ceola J.


Ceola J.


Ceola J. & Don "Dusty" Phelps


Drama, Gospel

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Based on the real-life story of motivational speaker, author, encourager, and playwright, Ceola J., I'm Not My Past shares the power to overcome a tumultuous childhood and a subsequently challenging adult life. This film is similar to three Christian-based films that include War Room, Courageous, and Walk by Faith. The films' characters faced various challenging situations that required unquenchable faith, trust, and an unrelenting hope!

I'm Not My Past is a heart-felt story tracing the life of Ceola J. from childhood through adulthood. As a child, Ceola lived in the largest county in California and had a circle of friends, but very few knew what she was experiencing when she returned home, wherever home was at that time. The dark secrets she was keeping as a child and the degree of responsibility she bared at such a young age were unimaginable. The result, fear of being exposed by those who thought they knew the fair-skinned, long-haired, skinny, Wichita Indian and African-American mixed breed little girl. A fear that taught her early on how to hide the truth.

Ceola learned through each life experience that life is not the fairytale stories she heard about growing up, nor is life fair. Life is about the choices that we make and discovering one's purpose through the redemptive Blood of Jesus Christ, realizing the plan, enduring the process, and overcoming the evil plot! Life is about faith in God, learning to trust and believe in His Good and Perfect Will.



“My Review:  About the play "If These Walls Could Talk #2". I Loved it, even my husband did and he usually does not go to plays at all. He wants to come to Part #3. This play blessed my Soul because the prayer, the Word of God, and singing continuously goes on in the midst of everybody's daily life; the people who Love God and Married Couples coming back together. It was a family thing and oh! I just Loved Ms. Thelma Jenkins the Gospel Gossipper and Mother Mabel Blackstone strong powerful bible teacher and praying woman of God. I Loved that!!!  Praise God!.” Shirley B.